Saturday, 31 March 2012

It's The Weekend

Phew!  Saturday sure went fast.  I spent the day on household chores and catching up on my volunteer duties as Registrar for the local swimming club.
Winter Season Wind Up is on Wednesday and I needed to print out certificates and get the Records up-to-date.
I've been part of the swimming club for twelve years, ever since my children were members.  My children are now adults but I volunteer my time to help things run smoothly.
These days most organisations and schools struggle to attract volunteers because parents are so busy.  But who isn't?
I have always done some type of volunteering - beginning at the local playgroup before my children went to school.  I then volunteered at the school - in the classroom and in the canteen.  While my children were in primary school I also volunteered at the local community centre and the historical society.
And then it was the swimming club.
I believe volunteering in the community gives me a sense of achievement and I keep in touch with local people.
It's so easy to leave jobs for others but why not help?  Go against the 'I want' attitude and go for the 'I give'.
I gladly gave up my Saturday this weekend and will enjoy a well-earned break tomorrow.  It's Sunday!  Sleep in!

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