Wednesday, 7 March 2012

A Work In Progress - Candy's Man - Excerpt

Candy stretched, yawned, and snuggled back into a ball.  A faint humming filled the cabin, and she heard water running.
“Damn!”  The masculine voice was loud and clear, and her eyes snapped open. 
Oh, my God!
She lifted her head, and searched the room.  Her gaze rested on clothes neatly folded over a chair.   
Men’s clothes.   
Under the chair, a pair of shoes stood in an orderly fashion.
 A neat freak. 
She soon discovered that was the least of her problems.  She lifted the bed covers.  Just as she thought.  She was naked in a strange man’s bed.   Her stomach clenched.
I slept with a stranger!
With the sobriety she lacked the evening before; she shook her head in disbelief.  She had never been so reckless in her entire twenty-nine years.
The bathroom door flew open and a man stood before her in all his natural majesty.  Candy flushed and pulled the covers over her head.  His deep laugh resonated throughout the room.
 “You’re not shy?” he asked, the amusement evident in his husky American voice.
Shy?  Shameless was a more appropriate word.
“Come on,” he said playfully, and Candy heard him move closer to the bed.  The bed shifted as he sat near her.  “You’ve nothing to feel embarrassed about.”
Embarrassed?  Try mortified!
 With forceful hands he grabbed the covers and tried to pull them from her.  She refused to give up without a fight. 

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