Thursday, 19 April 2012

The Wind In My Hair

One of the greatest memories of my childhood was learning to ride a bicycle.  The biggest challenge was finding a bike to ride.

In those days (the 70s) times were tough.  The only bike I owned was a three-wheeler given to me when I was two.

To say I had outgrown that bike at ten-years-of-age, is an understatement.  I used it more as a scooter than a bike.

I had two sisters and our neighbours had four girls.  Despite the problems and stresses of our lives, our friendship sustained us.

My lovely friend, Debbie, let me ride her bike.  I say 'ride' lightly because I was on the ground more than on the bike at first.  But, I persevered.

When I finally learnt to balance and felt the wind in my hair, I was in heaven.  It felt as if I was gliding through the air.  I will never forget that sensation.

It wouldn't have been possible without the generosity of my friend.  She let me share her bike and that astounded me.  It was such a precious thing.

I'll never forget the friendship I shared with Debbie.  She is no longer with us in this world but I think of her constantly.

My first novel 'Heart's Promise' is dedicated to Debbie and her sisters.  And I can't thank her enough for letting me feel the wind in my hair.


  1. hey this sounds like an interesting plot.....
    loved the tittle too:)
    good luck

  2. You're right about the thrill of riding a bike for the first time. I think that feeling has never left me. I love my bicycle, but I don't love my car.

  3. Beautifully written :) Just stopped on by from book blogs and am your latest follower.

    Wolf Majick Reviews