Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Pedigree of Hornby

Following on from my previous post regarding the Hornby Castle, I have found that it is so-called because it was  built in the "Village of Hornby" and not owned by anyone named Hornby.

However, I have found that the family of HORNBY, originally DE HORNEBY or DE HORNEBIE, traces is origins from the neighbourhood of HORNBY-IN-LONSDALE, North Lancashire.

It seems there were several families who resided in the area who used the name of Hornby.

In the early days, names were sometimes associated with the area in which one lived or by the work one was associated with.  For example, I have found an "Adam (the Tanner) of Hornby", whose son became known simply as "William of Hornby".  I can only guess that over time the 'of' was eradicated completely.

A few interesting facts did come to light so I have a little history to ponder over.  And it seems some land was granted to these early Hornbys by Margaret de Nevill(e) or Lady of Hornby who it is thought occupied the Hornby castle in the 13th century.

All-in-all, an interesting history lesson.

Hornby Castle

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