Friday, 21 September 2012

Autumn Belle

Auburn belle in a golden gown,
Spinning through nature with a twirl.
Acorns falling at her feet all around
A shower of Harlequin leaves fall upon the girl;

Skies of amber-golden hues
slowly unfurl to hail the Harvest Moon
The Autumn Queen with her wand subdues
The angry Sun with a mellow tune

In fields of gold her subject stand,
around mounds of pumpkins, acorn, and scarlet leaves
With all the bounty in the land
In September the Queen with her wand, pearls of dewdrops weaves.

Her hair, like husks of corn rustle in the September air
As the Autumn sun kisses her cheeks red as apples
Her eyes, a caramel-colour hazel so rare,
Matches the many falling leaves and her lips of scarlet are so supple.

In the atmosphere there's an essence
Of apples, pumpkin pies warming
on windowsills
Autumn fills the heart and soul
with cosy scents
That makes the soul more mellow
and tranquil.

2003 © Mary Aris, All rights reserved

                         Autumn Belle featured in Portraits of Life

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