Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Fifty Shades Surprised

I gave this novel 4 Stars. 

I began the novel expecting to be horrified by the writing as I had read so many negative reviews and comments.  What a surprise.

Besides the overuse of the words ‘flush, flushed, flushing’, the story flowed along at a fast pace.  The character of Christian Grey has been written very well.  Anastasia Steele was annoying at times but I kept reading, mainly to find out what Christian Grey would do next.

Personally, I couldn’t find the Twilight connection.  Probably because I wasn’t looking for it but I think ‘Fifty Shades’ is its own story.

Is it perfect?   What is perfect when it comes to story-telling?  Was it entertaining?  For me, it was.
‘Fifty Shades’ lets you escape to a whole new place of light and dark.  The title is very fitting.

The ending was mostly expected and had my ‘inner feminist’ give a high-five.  Can’t wait to read the next book in the series.  I will go in with an open mind.


  1. Nice review! I have downloaded a sample of the first book and so far I like the writing with the exception that the author used "Steele a glance instead of 'steal' a glance. LOL I will borrow the book from my neice; she's reading the entire series. I'm not really much into erotica but love romance novels with a bit of raunchy sex scenes thrown in for good measure.