Monday, 15 October 2012

Welcome Author Marva Gregorio De Souza


Marva Gregorio De Souza born in England is a lover of cleverly woven words. Throughout her management career, writing has played a key role in her life, manifesting itself through a myriad of short stories, screenplays, stage plays and general, possibly unwanted, witticisms.

One of four girls, some of Marva’s earliest memories were trips to the local library, rare sun shining on her through the wide and tall windows while she delved into the seemingly limitless rows of alternative worlds only a book cover away. Home again and the special quiet in the house while everybody settled down and snuggled up to read. Other times hours spent writing, producing, directing, wardrobe, staging, make-up and acting plays all for the pleasure of their parents.  The joy of storytelling continued into Marva’s teenage years and throughout her twenties, in the form of a drama group with two of her sisters and a friend. For over eleven years they created and performed sketches, at schools, concerts, weddings and prisons all over England, even laying tracks in California and Jamaica.

Time spent on a screenplay course started Marva on her short story writing path. ‘Write.’ the course tutor said – whatever comes into your head – so you can carry the title of writer.  This is how Marva met Hettie, the elderly, confused character on the verge of dementia in her first short story.

A few years of fun following dark paths usually avoided, reading them to a growing family, sharing on the usual social media misfits, have now cumulated in a published collection interspersed with Marva’s own special brand of humor and outlook.

Marva exposes herself further on her Blog 

Pocket Full of Bleeding Posies
A Decently Dark Collection of Woven Words

Ring O' Ring O' Roses
A Pocket Full O' Posies
A-Tissue, A-Tissue
We all fall down into a blood bath of short stories and expressions overflowing with rich characters, synchronized murder, complete desolation, thwarted love and comprehensible randomness. Straight from the author's head, these stories are snap shots in the characters' lives and small windows into the human heart, thoughts and motives. Dark, humorous and twisted - just what you need to get from A to B.

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