Saturday, 6 October 2012

Ten Years On - The Bali Bombing

The Bali Bombing Memorial 

The Price

For coins exchanged
For treasures bought
For carefree days
For pleasures sought

For shining skies
For dancing nights
For tasting freedom
For knowing paradise

A price was set
For living a dream
The music echoed
A silent scream

Envy burned in Hatred's house
And the whole world sighed
For the Free bought sorrow
The day that Bali cried.

©Jeanette Hornby

Book Spotlight

A Story from a Bali-Bombing Survivor

You're young, in love, and in paradise … surfing, traveling, partying.
Then in one terrifying wave of heat and noise your reality shatters into a million pieces that can never be put back together.

Hanabeth was hamming it up on the dance floor when a loud bang momentarily silenced the music and dimmed the lights.

'The noise which came next I will never forget... It was a thud, line the slam of a car door but multipled to a volume I simply cannot describe,' Hanabeth writes in this extraordinary memoir.

She found herself escaping from the flames of the Sari Club only to find that her boyfriend had been killed, and a photo had been taken of her leading a young man, Tom Singer away from the fires.

This heart-wrenching story of young love and lives cut short is chilling and confronting, yet it is the story of what Hanabeth has done since which brings a spark of hope and light to this terrible chapter in our history.

Confronting world leaders, campaigning for peace and against the war on terror, resolving to squeeze the most from every day, Hanabeth's inspirational tale provides a stirring case study in survival and healing.

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