Saturday, 23 March 2013

Back Story

For something different, I have written a little back-story from the point-of-view of one of my other main characters.

Here's Louie's Story

Louie sifted through the charred remains of his home.  Not much remained.  He picked up a scorched jewellery box.  Holding his mother’s precious possession brought a tear to his eye.  His mother was gone.  Gone, as swiftly as the firestorm that had engulfed them.

He opened the lid of the box, and his heart skipped a beat.  Photos.  Probably the only remainder of any treasured memories he owned.

As he flicked through them, one caught his eye.  The old black-and-white photo showed a lone man leaning against a fence.  Louie had never seen it before.  Due to the fire damage, the man’s face was unrecognisable, but Louie could just make out the words on a sign in the corner.  Di Rossi’s Vineyard. 

He turned the photo over.  The writing that was scrawled across it read, Johnny, Yarloop, 1965.  He frowned.  Yarloop?  Where the hell was that?

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