Sunday, 2 February 2014

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Max Doerr lives in New York with his wife and son, working as an editor for a newspaper. 
But He has a secret in his past life that he never told his wife. Then suddenly his son is killed brutally. 
Grief stricken, he tries to find his son’s killer but to no avail. 
During his investigation, his CIA past comes back to him and he gets involved in a vortex of murder and international crime and finds out that his son’s death was the beginning of a much bigger conspiracy. 

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Jay is willing to giveaway 5 copies of this e-book to interested readers. 
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When Tyler, a Wall Street fund manager, comes to Dallas to attend his father's birthday party he finds his father murdered and a family member is the prime suspect, a series of murders and an intriguing story follows as Tyler goes on a crusade to find the killer as he loses his job, girlfriend and comes close to kissing his own death.

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Reading and writing is Jay Deb's passion.  He likes thriller and suspense books,
specifically espionage books.  He has written two novels.  The Assassin, an espionage novel, and Contrived, a hard-boiled mystery novel.
He is a software developer at a big bank and holds an under graduate degree in Physics and a graduate degree in Computer Science.
When he is not writing his next book, he likes to play golf or go fishing.  He lives in New Jersey with his son and wife. 

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