Thursday, 13 February 2014

Valentine's Day

To celebrate Valentine’s Day I am sharing two lovely poems written by the talented Mary Aris.  
The artwork has also been created by Mary.

For more of her poems check out her book of poetry below.

Love’s Eternal Holiday
It is the morning of love’s eternal holiday.
Let us celebrate romance
In grand, sophisticated style;
In February, birds do mate,
Likewise, let us congregate.

My heart, like the precious rose, opens petal by petal
Unto you, my heart unfolds.
Dearest Valentine, you are a god to me.
Today I venerate your shrine
With kisses and tender sighs of delight.
Your eyes, like two of the finest stars in heaven shine,
And goes about its orbits!

Let’s appease our appetites with love’s ferocious kiss.
Like Adam’s fatal fruit of passion,
Let’s devour each other’s soul.

Let me touch your velvety flesh, my sweet Amor,
And brush my hand against your chestnut hair.
Let me see your flawless-dimpled smile,
Which takes my breath away!

© Mary Aris. All rights reserved


As countless as the sand;
As the stars burn eternally
Together, hand in hand
We stride throughout life’s journey.

I with you and you with me;
Sharing a burning passion
That fuels our love eternally..
Propelling our ship through love’s ocean.

Through gales, storms; come rain or shine...
We can ride above life’s many storms
Together with a burning love divine
Which will keep us safe and warm.

We took a solemn oath together
pledging our love through eternity
Our souls merged that day forever
As love fused our hearts eternally.

© Mary Aris. All rights reserved

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