Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Autumn Musing

Australia is a great country but I'm over the hot weather.  It's supposed to be autumn.  The mornings begin cool enough but then it heats up. And where is the rain we were meant to have? Not in Western Australia that's for sure.  Over east they've had floods!

I've lived in the same area all my life.  I know, that's a little sad, but I have to admit, I love it here.  My home town still has a country feel about it and we are central to the city of Perth in the north and the city of Bunbury in the south.  Not to mention our proximity to both the ocean in the west and the bush (forest) in the east.  We have it all really.

I just wish the weather would do what it's supposed to do.  You know, change.

<Sigh> I guess I'll be whinging about the cold soon enough.  Yes, it can get cold here.

I live opposite a school, and I can still remember seeing the poor Japanese exchange students huddled together one morning a few years ago.  It was freezing!  I bet they thought Australia was warm.  They should visit now.

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