Sunday, 25 March 2012

The Promise by Jeanette Hornby

It was night
She lay dying
Her strength ebbing away

He sat
Holding her in his arms

But the struggle
was too much to bear
and she slowly slipped away

He cried then
His tears falling on her
soft, white skin

She was so beautiful
with fiery hair in curls
Her features like porcelain

How would he live without her?

“I’ll follow you wherever you go”
he promised
And held her till morning

She watched from another place
and saw his black hair
as it fell in waves
over his collar
She saw him holding her
She heard his promise

Another place
Another time
Their eyes met
and two souls rekindled

But circumstances
were changed
He fought his memories
of hurt and pain
Kept them at a distance

She was confused
She saw the love in his eyes
but he remained aloof
Breaking his promise

And so she moved on
and tried to laugh
Hiding her pain
behind her smile

How could he forget?

The years rolled on
Memories lost
Submerged in façade
Her pain intense
The yearning too great
to ever be dismissed

The promise lay
open and bare
The decay creeping in
Erasing any hope
of renewal

She was lifeless
Her strength slowly
ebbing away
Her heart shattered
like the promise he broke.

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