Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Something More.

I have to tell you that I’m not ‘normal’, though I’m not sure what the term actually means.  Who defined ‘normal’ anyway?

I’ve always had a sense of being different even from a young age.  I never seemed to fit into the family structure and was never one of the ‘popular’ girls.
At one point in my life when everything had gone topsy-turvy, I began to search ‘within’.  In doing so I unearthed more than I bargained for.  I began to remember my past-lives. 
Reincarnation had always interested me.  I had read tales of reincarnation in my teens and found them fascinating.  Little did I know that these ‘stories’ would find a way into my reality.
After much soul-searching and ‘new-age’ therapies, the memories came.  They are not complete memories of a lifetime but mere snippets, images of other times and places, and quite vivid. 
It took me a while to grasp the significance of my experiences but I realised I was lucky to know these things.  To remember so many lives and situations is like living many lives simultaneously.
I guess that’s why I turned to writing.  I had so many stories to tell.  But writing also offered a sanctuary.  Something that was entirely mine, and I could make my ‘world’ anything I wanted to.
I hope to keep sharing my many different stories for a long time to come.


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