Thursday, 28 June 2012

Painting Pictures


Here's a picture of Josh Holloway.  I love the ruggedness of the setting, and the anguish that's conveyed on his face.  It makes you wonder what he's thinking.  Is he in total despair or is he planning something?

For writers it is harder to express a character's emotion.  We have to use words to paint the picture for the reader.  We must use the thoughts, action or dialogue of a character to convey the message.

In saying that, I personally have to find pictures of my characters before I begin writing a new story.  Only then can the character get inside my head and tell me what he/she wants to say or do.

And don't think the writer has all the control.  The characters have minds of their own and soon take over.  I relish when that occurs because the words begin to flow.

So, for the most part, pictures are an important aspect of my writing.  They stir the senses and initiate the questions of who, what, why and when.

It is when I hear the answers that I can begin to write.