Tuesday, 26 June 2012

A Work In Progress

Finally finished! Manuscript just needs to go to the next editor. Fingers crossed there's not too much to be fixed.

Book blurb:
Isabella Di Rossi’s idyllic life on the family vineyard, in the town of Yarloop, is about to change.  With sabotage of the grapes, and the unravelling of her parents’ secret past, Isabella is also confronted with a handsome stranger.

In possession of an old photograph, Louie McGregor is searching for a father he has never known.

Added to that, is the reappearance of the Di Rossi’s mysterious neighbour, Jack Cesario.

As the secrets begin to unfold, and Louie returns home, Isabella finds comfort with another.  But events are heating up at the Di Rossi vineyard, and Louie’s search is far from over.

Will the past be forgiven?  Will Isabella make the right choice?  And will Louie be accepted for who he is?

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