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Featured Author: Mary Aris

Mary Aris is an independent author and poetess and illustrator.  Her first published book, Melodies of the Heart, a collection of twenty-eight love poems, was published by Lulu in 2008.  Author of over seven hundred poems, she is a member of Two of her poems, Phoenix Rising, and Fire in the Sky, written in honour of the victims of 911, were published in The Jersey Journal.  Mrs Aris has published three children’s books, Princess RoseBartholomew, and Jewelz the Juggling Cat.  Her first full length Gothic novel, The Curse of Anna Greene, was published in 2011 and written in 2010 as part of Nanowrimo.

Mrs Aris worked at the West New York Public Library for twenty years as a Library Assistant.  An avid reader, she is a member of LibraryThing, and Good Reads She maintains her own book review blog, The Bookworm’s Niche. She is also a member of Writers Cafe Org .

 Mrs Aris devotes her free time maintaining three blogs, TheGoldenPenThe Bookworm’s Niche, and The Artist’s Pallet,  She also enjoys cooking and sketching.  She lives in Oxford, England with her husband, Alexander.

Bio: I was born in Miami, Florida and raised in West New York, New Jersey.  It was always a dream of mine to become a published author. Since the tender age of seven I began writing stories and poems as I mention in my autobiography, ‘A day in my Life: An autobiography—the First Forty-five Years’ Lulu 2009.

“I first noticed the voice at the tender age of seven.  The voice spoke to me in dreams in the language of inspiration.  The voice transfixed me in a state of joy and rapture enchanting my hand to take pen to paper.” (Aris, 2009)

 It wasn’t until my second year of high school when I enrolled in a poetry class, which taught me the dynamics of poetry that inspired me to continue writing.  I published my first poetry book, Melodies of the Heart, a collection of twenty-eight love poems in 2008.  In 2002 I began writing Princess Rose, a novella about two aged monarchs of Carlisle who were saddened by the fact that they were getting on in years and still there was no heir to the throne.  Queen Anne’s wishes to have a child were answered by seven blithe sisters who called themselves the Moonbeam Fairies who took it upon themselves to create a princess for the Monarchs.  All was well in Carlisle until the king’s evil magician, Astrociousnov (Pronounced As-tro-cious-nov), kidnapped the princess.  Princess Rose was published in 2009.  This was followed by Portraits of Life, and The Curse of Anna Greene, my first full-length Gothic Novel.  I wrote this novel as a participant of Nanowrimo in 2010.  I live in Oxford, England with my husband, Alexander.


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