Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Welcome Author Gladys Quintal

I have loved vampires and the paranormal for as long as I can remember and always wanted to write a book or three on the subject.  My two favourite shows are Moonlight and Dexter - Mick St John being my favourite vampire and Dexter being everyone's favourite serial killer.  I found a lot of inspiration from these two shows, inventing my own vampire vigilante that kills 'bad men' while saving women from rapists and children molesters.

A lot of what I write about comes from my own personal experiences and my desire when I was younger for a hero to swoop in and take me away.  Unfortunately, I never found my guardian angel and so I created Alexi, a vampire/serial killer hybrid, as the hero of my books.  My stories come mostly from inside my head, real life happenings or dream and visions.  A lot of my characters are actually based on friends of mine: Hayley, Nana and Moyra are all real people, Chloe is based on my daughter Emma and Cassie is me - in the beginning anyway.  She becomes less like me as the stories progress

I've written three books in The Dream Series so far: The Man of My Dreams, Be Careful What You Wish For and The Chosen One.  They centre around Cassie and Alexi and their forbidden love, trying to live a normal life in a not so normal world.  Vampires in my books are cursed, only being seen as human in the mortal subconscious until they find a human to love them unconditionally.  Once that happens, they are free to walk amongst us and look as we do.  They still need blood to survive and Alexi has found the perfect way to satisfy his needs, in the process of ridding the streets of evil.

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