Monday, 21 January 2013


We do not remember days, 
we remember moments. 
- Cesare Pavese 

I became a grandmother six days ago.  In one word – Wow!  To hold my precious grandson for the very first time was a pivotal moment in my life.  He was born only three days before my son, the new daddy, turned twenty four.  How time has flown. 

As a parent, your time is taken up with adjusting to the new family member.  Sleep is minimal and you spend your time juggling household chores with the baby’s needs. 

New grandparents

As a grandparent, nothing matters except the child.  You are older and wiser.  You know how quickly time passes.  You know what’s important.

Today, I held my grandson, talked to him, inhaled his wondrous scent.  What a gift.  I will treasure these moments, store them away in my memory, and in years to come, I will remember.


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