Tuesday, 29 January 2013

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C.J. Johnson is a full-time mum, a full-time carer/cleaner/cook/handy-woman, a full-time daydreamer–and she wouldn't have it any other way. The urge to write hounded her constantly throughout her childhood, through her teens and into her twenties. Finally, with having no training, attending no classes or schooling, she finally gave in to the urge and hasn't stopped writing since.
She lives with her husband, two children, golden Labrador and her imagination. 


Suddenly, the girl arched her back and shrieked in rage and pain. Startled, Bill jerked backwards, thumping his head on the low roof. Tossing her head from side to side, she began to moan and whimper. An awful sound filled the small space and Bill frantically looked around in fear. It sounded like someone was jumping up and down on a pile of sticks, snapping and breaking them loudly underfoot. Shifting his gaze to the girl, he recoiled at the sight of her skin.

Her ribs sank into her body, visibly moving and rearranging themselves under her skin. As Bill stared in horror, too stunned to move or think, hair sprouted over her body, hair the same shocking red colour as her hair. Then, he couldn't see her breasts anymore as they became completely covered. Her legs too.

And she was growing!

Her shape changed as she continued to moan and writhe, becoming less and less human.

Bill threw himself sideways and off the bed, finding himself half slumped against the back of the passenger seat. He felt like a vice was squeezing his head as he panted for air.

This isn't happening. I'm dreaming. I've passed out on top of her or something.  

I'll wake up soon.  

Dear God, let me wake up soon.  

Bill began to fumble with the side of the passenger seat, trying to find the catch to move the seat forward as he stared at the writhing, hairy body above him.

I've gotta get out of here!  

He found the latch and twisted around to pull it. He threw the seat forward and scrambled through the space, tugged on the door handle and pushed the door open. The cold, night air hit him and he gasped with relief.

I'm gonna make it!  

Something growled. He looked over his shoulder … and shrieked. The girl was looking at him, snarling and growling. But she wasn't a girl. The face of a huge wolf snapped and growled at him as he screamed and threw himself headfirst through the open door. He fell heavily on his side, got to his feet and ran for his life. He ran towards the dark trees as he wheezed and panted.


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