Saturday, 2 February 2013


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I am often asked if my book characters are real people.  That’s a tricky question.  I’d have to say yes and no.

As a writer, I use my experiences, and to some degree, the people I’ve met, in my novels.  This does not mean that my stories are ‘real’ or that any one character represents a ‘real’ person.   However, my characters and storyline may be written using a combination of traits from real people and situations.  That is, I may use various traits from different people to help make up one or several characters.  And I may use an assortment of real situations and mix them together to create stories.  Sometimes, characters introduce themselves to me as I write and I meet them for the very first time.  We writers have a habit of talking to fictional characters.

Hopefully, my characters are developed enough to seem real, and readers will perhaps see a little of themselves in my novels.


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