Saturday, 28 November 2015

That Time of Year

The year has sped by and summer is almost here. Unfortunately, the fire season has already commenced with many fires across the state of Western Australia and in other parts of the country. Some lives and homes have been lost and there have been crop losses and property damage. At the beginning of the year, we were evacuated from our home because of out of control bush fires. We've been evacuated before but the fire came too close for comfort this time. I think it's taken me the remainder of the year to get over it. I haven't had the concentration to write much and now fire season begins again...
One can only prepare for these events. I know what to pack and where everything is but it is still a harrowing experience. Let's pray we don't have to go through it this summer.

My novel Grapevines and Gum Trees touches briefly on the Ash Wednesday fires in South Australia in 1983. A reminder that the threat of fire is a continuous one. Be safe everyone. 

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